The Food Snob’s Debut


I’ll admit it. I’m a food snob. And so is my husband (who is also an “amateur” chef–a darn good one, too!). And we’re raising our three boys to be food snobs, too. I’m not ashamed–I’m proud. We prefer organic food–it’s all we purchase in this house. We love the farm-to-table concept. We like restaurants to be clean and comfortable. We want an easy and lovely experience when we’re out. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bar, a 5-star restaurant, an ice cream shop, a hotel restaurant, a lounge, a club…we’ll try any kind of food in any kind of place. But it better please! Oh–and we want to be able to get real food for our kids when we’re out–not pizza or chicken tenders or pasta with butter or a hot dog. Our kids eat seafood and salads and sushi and Thai food and veggies–and they love to try new things! Did I mention they are 5, 3, and 19 months old? Sure–there are things they won’t eat (onions or anything too spicy, for instance. They are small kids, after all). And they love the occasional traditional kids plate. But when we’re on vacation and every. single. meal. the choices are literally what I’ve listed above…well…that doesn’t work for us. We spend a lot of money on food. Both when we’re out and when we grocery shop. Remember that old saying “You are what you eat”? Well…you are. Quite literally. And we want to be alive, healthy, strong, and vibrant. So that’s the kind of food we seek.

Let’s be clear–in no way am I poo-pooing on people who love these kids menus or can’t afford to buy only organic groceries or just haven’t even thought about this stuff before. To each his own and there are NO judgements here. Truly. With this blog, I’m hoping to bring to light some great places for you to affordably take the kids and feed them great food. I’m also hoping to bring you spots where picky eaters can find something different and delicious. And for the mamas and daddies out there who just need a good pampering and tantalizing meal for those much-savored date nights….well…there will be plenty for you! I’ll hit on places to go when you vacation. Places to take the kiddos for day trips. Local spots that may be under your radar. New places opening up around the tri-state area. Splurges for your special occasion. I hope to cover it all. One thing I can promise you–there will be PLENTY of pictures! Pictures tell stories and bring you into the experience so I will be loading up on those.

Sometimes folks will know I am coming…but mostly, they won’t 😉 I do not get paid to cover these restaurants, so you will always get a 100% unbiased review from me. I’m going to rate places on quality and variety of food, kid-friendliness, cleanliness and comfort, parking (because difficult parking is something that annoys the food snob!), desserts (because the food snob has a MAJOR sweet tooth!), cost, and staff friendliness/helpfulness.

So, my friends, stay tuned…because this place is about to get slammed with beautiful pictures, honest words (not always flattering!), and all kinds of experiences. Welcome to the world of a true food snob. See you back here soon!


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  1. Amy says:

    Fun!!! This might be my first blog to religiously follow!

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