Brotherly Love @ Brother’s Fish & Chips


Brother’s Fish and Chips in Ossining has been around a long time…but until 2015, it was strictly a take-out place. They’ve still got the take-out joint, but right next door is a wonderful, intimate restaurant/bar to enjoy as well. We took the whole crew here a few nights ago and here’s what went down…

First of all, I was super impressed with the look, feel, and cleanliness of this place. I have to be honest–I expected a small, dingy, “hole-in-the-wall-feeling” place (you know…the kind of place that isn’t much to look at but is known for its amazing food!). Much to my surprise, this is what we stepped into:

The bathrooms were immaculate (Food Snob Daddy can vouch for the men’s room), the bar pristine, and the decor fabulous. A nautical theme (as expected for a seafood place!), but not overdone. This was our first time eating at this venue and our first time having food from this business.

The waitresses were very attentive…sometimes a little too attentive, dare I say. It’s true, since we have three small kids, we are perhaps the EARLIEST of early birds on most of our nights out with the kids. BUT, even if we’re the only people in the place, we don’t want staff staring at us, hovering over us, and distracting our children while we eat (and while we try to get them to eat!). All three of those things happened here. I was actually very uncomfortable at times because whenever I’d look up, the waitress was staring at me watching me eat. Eek! That’s a Food Snob no-no. Granted, this place is VERY small. But staff should know better than to stare at customers and be “over involved” in the table.

On to the food! The food was very good. They have several types of fish to choose from if you go for the fish and chips (and why wouldn’t you…it’s a fish fry joint!). We got the kids the whiting, thinking it’d be flakier for them based on the menu description.

This is the whiting.

We were a bit disappointed in the “heartiness”, shall I say, of the fish on those plates. And the kids weren’t impressed.

This is the bass. HUGE difference!

I, however, went for the bass and it was lovely.  So lovely that my kids stole most of it from my plate… :/ My husband went for the crab cakes and he had no complaints. I did steal a bite or two (for the blog, of course 😉 ) and I enjoyed the seasoning. A little kick but nothing crazy when it comes to the spice level. Our 19 month old has yet to enjoy the beauty of shellfish (7 months to go, buddy!), and they were extremely accommodating in making sure all of his fried items were safe and did not come in contact with the same grease as the shrimp on my plate. They even suggested a different side for him since the fries were all done in the same oil as the shellfish and he ended up with some beautiful veggies–they ended up being my favorite part of the meal! I’d say shrimp quality was decent, but not top notch. Shrimp lovers…that requires no further explanation because I know you speak my language on this. 😉


The mixed drink I ordered was fantastic and my husband was impressed by their selection of locals beers. This would definitely be a great spot for an after-work drink or a quick bite to eat before a night out with the guys or gals. I wouldn’t call this a “date night” place, but they are certainly kid-friendly and have high chairs.

As far as we could tell, this place doesn’t offer dessert. We didn’t see any on the menu and we weren’t offered a dessert menu. We also had a Groupon, which we told them before ordering, and we had a major snafu using it at the end of the meal. Although we had alerted them, they failed to mention that we would need a print out of the Groupon (pretty archaic in this day and age!)…when Food Snob Daddy pulled out his iPhone with the Groupon on it, the waitress didn’t even know what to do. The manager quickly came out, but he said there’s absolutely nothing that can be done–we had to have a print out of the Groupon if we wanted to use it. FSD (Food Snob Daddy) was kind of losing it at this point so I suggested going to the library–a minute away–to print it out….library CLOSED! Bottom line is that we had to leave our credit card, drive home ten minutes, print out the Groupon, drive back ten minutes, pay for the meal, and retrieve our credit card. It was more than annoying. It definitely ruined the meal for us, I’m sorry to say.

So this place has some positives and some glaring flaws. I’d say we’ll likely give it a second chance in the future but it’s not a place we’ll be running back to. And everybody has a bad day, so maybe our next visit will be a home run. Here’s my official rating:

Quality and Variety of Food: I’m giving Brother’s Fish and Chips a 3 on this. While our family LOVES seafood, if you are with a group of people with mixed taste, this place will not work for you. The menu is ALL seafood. Again, for us, that’s great! And it is a place called Brother’s FISH AND CHIPS, after all. But most seafood places have at least one or two items for non-seafood-lovers in case a group with mixed (or picky eaters) come in. Non-seafood items on the menu include a few salads (you can add grilled chicken), kids chicken tender plate,  and some sides like mixed vegetables, rice and beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. That is it.

Kid-Friendliness: The kids loved it here. There’s a TV over the bar, so they always love that. And they have high chairs. The kids menu is very limited. It includes the fish and chips platter, mini shrimp, or chicken fingers. Sides are available and could be ordered for children. It’s a small place, so if you have antsy kids who need space to explore and run around, you might be better getting their take out. All in all, a 3 for this category.

Cleanliness, Comfort and Atmosphere: I’m issuing a 5 here. This place was pristine and the atmosphere was great.

Parking: They do have their own lot, but it’s small and VERY steep. Having said that, we did not have a problem finding parking so I’ll give a 4 here!

Desserts: No desserts were offered…snd The Food Snob was sad 😦 They get no stars in this category.

Cost: Four stars here. We found the menu to be affordable and if you can snag the Groupon (and print it out), you’ll be VERY happy.

Experience with the Staff: I have to give 2 stars in this category, unfortunately. Between the helicopter staff and the “Groupon incident” with the manager, this had to be the lowlight of this venue.

My total rating on this place is a solid 3 stars.

If you want to go see Brother’s Fish and Chips for yourself, check out their website here. Happy eating, my friends!



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