The Food Snob Travels to Salt Lake City!

Once a year I’m blessed to travel to Salt Lake City SANS KIDS AND HUBBY for the Young Living convention, which happens in June!!! Woo hoo! (Sorry, guys…I love you SO MUCH, but mama needs this trip! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Every year when I’m here, I find new and amazing places to eat. And I can be adventurous because I’m alone! For this edition, I’ll be eliminating the “kid friendly” and “parking” categories because I am in SLC without kiddos and I am exclusively on foot for the week.

Ok, down to business! I want to highlight one OUTSTANDING place that I discovered this year and one that I discovered last year–I will return to both of these places each time I’m in SLC–they’re that good. Let’s start with Zest Kitchen and Bar. I discovered this place last year when I was looking for something healthy and outside of the crowded places within steps of the convention center (ie–where everyone else was eating). After searching for “organic restuarant” on Yelp, Zest was the highest-rated restaurant to come up. So, naturally, I tried it! I was NOT disappointed. The menu here is super unique and they serve up ONLY vegetarian and vegan food. From nuts to bolts. I think that’s pretty amazing in itself. Even their drink choices are unique–I got a “beet it!” which is a (you guessed it!) beet juice drink with lemon, apple, and ginger. They have a huge selection of delicious teas, too, which is refreshing to see. And, of course, a full bar if you’d like to get a cocktail. I’ve had many things on this menu and one of my favorites is their deviled avocado. It’s just fresh and simple and delicious. It’s split like a deviled egg and the filling is a turmeric-carrot hummus. YUMMMMMMY! I’m also a huge fan of the super foods protein salad, the baked zuc and cheese (“cheese” sauce is vegan), and the Thai sunrise, which is a delicious plate of coconut curry black rice with stir fry vegetables. Oh man…my mouth is watering writing this now that I’m back in NY!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ They also do brunch here on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Here’s the website if you want to drool over the menu yourself:ยย 

Moral of the story–when in Salt Lake City, check out Zest! Now let’s talk about my newly found obsession, Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen. First of all, the selection of juices is out of this world. If you want fresh juice that’s truly JUICED, you need to stop here and stock up for the duration of your trip (or if your trip is longer, obviously you’ll need to make several trips…this stuff is fresh and there are no preservatives so it’s not going to sit in your fridge for a week or two!). I tried the clockwork orange (carrot, lemon, ginger) and it was divine!

They have everything from “pulpsicles” (yep–popsicles made with their fresh juices) to a wide selection of house-made hummuses to smoothies to soups and breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Here’s the website where you can check it all out.

Salt Lake City is a foodie haven for sure and I am looking forward to hitting new spots each year when I visit so I can report back to you where to stop when you are in town. For now, have fun drooling over these two spots and I’ll give you a couple of new places to drool over after next year’s trip!

Here’s my official rating for each of these places:

Zest: overall rating of 5

Quality and variety of food: Five, five, five!!! Check out their menu online and you will know why!

Cleanliness and comfort: Very clean, open with lots of seating options and super comfortable vibe. Trendy music playing but not loudly. Bathrooms are clean and you can sit at the bar, at a high top, or a regular table. Lots of options and great vibe here. Total 5 in this category.

Desserts: My favorite dessert here is the tiramisu (vegan, of course!), but they have some other delicious-sounding options as well. I’ll give a 4 since the dessert I had was amazing but I’ve only experienced one.

Cost: I think these prices are amazing…but I’m a New Yorker where they charge $10 for a hot dog and fries. The 10″ pizza is $13 and the Thai Sunrise plate I mentioned above is a mere $14. That’s a dinner plate. With fresh, organic, amazing food. Most the drinks are between two and five dollars for 8 ounces–that includes fresh juice combos….I mean…as a NYer, I’m happily shocked with these prices. Another 5 here.

Staff friendliness/helpfulness: Another 5. If you can’t tell, I haven’t found much wrong with this place!ย 

Pulp: Over all rating of 4.

Quality and variety of food: They have a huge selection of juices. HUGE. Their food selections are varied, but not like the juices. While I did not have breakfast here, it seems they have a very nice, large selection of breakfast items. For lunch or dinner, you will choose between soups, “bowls” (which come in a large variety), a couple of wraps, some salads, and a few other unique items. So it’s a nice spread of choices but you aren’t ordering entree plates here. I give a solid 4.

Cleanliness and comfort: Super clean. We ate at an outside table so I can’t comment on the inside of the place except that it looked nice. I always enjoy eating outside whenever possible. One thing that was a bit crazy was the winding trek to the bathroom…through back halls, following laminated signs…I felt a bit like a rat in a maze but I did finally find the restroom and it was clean. Three here.

Desserts: They have a lot of smoothies here but not true desserts as far as I could see. Some of the smoothies could definitely work as a sweet ending but if you are looking for a true dessert, you may be disappointed here (unless I missed them altogether). I have to give a 2.

Cost: Again, the New Yorker in me says WOO HOO when I see these prices! Six bucks for a HUGE soup that I couldn’t finish, $8 for a wrap, $10 for a bowl…yes please! Five for this category.

Staff friendliness/helpfulness: Everyone was super helpful and nice. Five.

Happy eating in Salt Lake City, friends!! ๐Ÿ™‚



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